Dongguan Bopu Plastic Electronics Co.,Ltd.

About Us

Dongguan Bopu plastic electronic Co., Ltd. is a domestic enterprise specialized in die cutting industry and insulation material import, processing and sales. Founded in 2004, it is located in the beautiful Shijie electronic town of Dongguan City, Since its establishment, the company has been running through the whole company with ISO9000 quality management mode, constantly introducing international leading production and processing equipment (such as slitting machine, laminating machine, CNC automatic forming machine, automatic die-cutting machine, etc.), recruiting industry elites, committed to providing customers with cost-effective heat conduction, insulation, fire prevention, shielding and adhesive products, for the majority of electronics Industry customers provide high-quality services in heat conduction / electrical insulation / anti-interference in the production process.

The company has won the trust of the world famous manufacturers of heat conduction, insulation, shielding, shockproof materials and double-sided adhesive tape in the United States, Japan and Taiwan, and has agreed to act as an agent, produce and process its products.

Mainly engaged in processing products:

(1) DuPont Nomex: t410 / T411 / 414 / t416 / 464

(2) ITW Formex insulation paper Formex gk10 / 17 / 18 / 30 / 62

(3) DuPont Mylar / film: mo21 / mo31 / EM / WC

(4) Ge Lixin PC film: flame retardant fr700 / FR1 / FR60 / 63 / hp60s / hp92 /

(5) DuPont Kapton film: 0.025t ~ 0.2T

(6) High temperature PET:0.18T ~0.35T.

(7) Halogen free fireproof PP: pp-17 / 18 / 0.25t, 0.43t, 0.5T, 0.76t

(8) Domestic PC: 0.125t ~ 1.0T

(9) Transparent opal PVC: 0.125t ~ 1.5T

(10) Kanglongxin PC, Sichuan Longhua PC: 0.125 ~ 1.5T

(11) NMN, DMD, 3M double-sided adhesive tape, copper foil, aluminum foil, conductive cloth, silica gel, imported PORON foam, XPE automobile foam, protective film, mica sheet, green shell paper and other materials

The company has consistently implemented the quality policy of "quality assurance, customer first, and brand creation", won the favor of customers, and has become a reliable partner for manufacturers of electronic, communication, digital products, OA products, electric power, power supply, aerospace and military products.

We are looking forward to you with high quality products and best service! According to customer requirements, professional precision die cutting processing of various insulation materials. Welcome to come to figure consultation!