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Do you know anything about the characteristics and applications of silicone foam?

Silicone foam roll is a high-quality product with a high-performance adhesive system, suitable for situations that require fast and strong adhesion. It has the functions of impact resistance and sound insulation, heat resistance, and is suitable for metal, plastic, paper, wood and silicon.


1. Strong adhesion, excellent shock absorption and crack resistance, sound absorption and heat insulation;

2. Good isolation and cushioning performance, no water absorption, good shockproof effect;

3. Excellent fire resistance, heat resistance, flame retardant effect, good mechanical strength and electrical insulation properties;

4. High tensile strength, good elongation, good adaptability to foundation expansion or cracking deformation;

5. Good antifouling, easy to clean, special ultraviolet treatment, corrosion resistance;


1. Air or dust seal

2.Gap filling

3. Cushion

4. Replace the neoprene foam seal

5. Indoor and outdoor environment


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