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Do you know what kind of engineering is used to explain the characteristics of PET insulating sheets?

1 PET Mylar gasket, PET insulation rubber gasket, PET round gasket, PET profile, flame retardant PET insulation gasket is a milky white or yellow highly crystalline polymer, smooth and shiny surface, creep resistance and fatigue resistance Good performance, friction resistance and dimensional stability, low abrasion and high hardness, with the greatest toughness among thermoplastics;

2 Good electrical insulation, little temperature influence, but poor corona resistance. Non-toxic, weather resistance, good chemical resistance stability, low water absorption, resistance to weak acids and organic solvents, but not immersed in hot water and alkali.

PET Mylar flakes: The composition is a film made of dimethyl terephthalate and ethylene glycol, heated with the assistance of related catalysts, through transesterification and vacuum polycondensation, and biaxially stretched.

1. Mechanical properties-high strength, fatigue resistance, dimensional stability, and small creep.

2. Aging resistance-the enhanced UL temperature index reaches 120~140℃ (long-term outdoor aging is also very good).

3. Solvent resistance-no stress cracking.

4. Stability to water It is easy to decompose in water at high temperature (use caution in high temperature and high humidity environment).

5. Insulation performance-excellent (wet and high temperature can maintain stable electrical performance).

Features of transparent PET insulation sheet:

Transparent PET thermoplastic environmental protection plastic product, after burning, it is odorless and tasteless, and does not produce toxic gas. Transparent, no water ripples, no crystal points, no two-phase folding white on the surface, strong oil and chemical resistance, toughness and rigidity, impact resistance Good strength (good impact resistance at low temperatures, about 20% higher than the PVC standard). Used for blister, box folding, packaging, printing, card making, etc.

Transparent PET insulation sheet use:

Transparent PET is used in electronics, printing, packaging, insulation, flexible circuit printing, display screensaver PET, membrane switches, film windows, printing films, imposition bases, self-adhesive backing paper, glue coating, silicon coating, motor gaskets, Cable tape, instrument panel, capacitor insulation, furniture peeling film, window film, protective film inkjet printing and decoration

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