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Mylar PET polyester film is a kind of film made of dimethyl terephthalate and ethylene glycol heated with the aid of related catalysts, transesterification, vacuum polycondensation and biaxial stretching.

According to the material, Mylar can be divided intoPET, PVC, PC, etc.; the colors of Mylar include white, black, natural color, transparent color, etc. It has stable size, straight and excellent tear strength, heat and cold resistance, moisture resistance, water resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, super insulation performance and excellent electrical, mechanical, heat and chemical resistance. At the same time, it can be used as insulation material of motor, capacitor, coil and cable, and can be made into composite insulation material with highland barley paper. It has been widely used in the electrical insulation industry, suitable for the gasket, file, screen and protection of electronics, household appliances, meters, displays, motor slots, computers and peripheral equipment.

Before the die cutting process, the hardness of the Mylar should be considered, and then the appropriate die-cutting die should be selected according to the hardness. In general, the die-cutting die of hard wheat is easy to be damaged in the process of die-cutting, resulting in the tool die not durable, sometimes even used less than once, it is directly scrapped. The thinnest material of Mylar sheet is 0.025mm. Due to the hardness of the Mylar sheet, the rubber plate and imported knife should be considered first in the selection of die-cutting processing tool mold. The rubber plate is harder than the wood board, and the imported knife is more wear-resistant and has longer service life than the domestic knife. However, if the material of the Mylar sheet is very hard, the hardware mold should be selected.

After selecting the die cutting die, according to the size of the die cutting tool die, the material of the Mylar sheet is divided into corresponding specifications, and then the die-cutting process is carried out. In the process of die-cutting, attention should be paid to whether there is residual glue, whether the product is not cut off or the release paper is cut off. According to the customer's requirements, the die-cutting production will be regarded as unqualified products if it fails to meet the customer's requirements. Therefore, the production products should be inspected at all times during the die-cutting process to ensure the quality of the die-cutting products.

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