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What are the key performance parameters of thermally conductive silicon film?

Thermally conductive silicon film has good thermal conductivity and high level of pressure resistance, and is a thermally conductive material with great manufacturability and practicality. Silicon is the old name of silicon. Silicone is generally called silica gel in China. Thermally conductive silicone sheet is one of the types of silica gel. In Taiwan and other Asian regions, thermally conductive silicone sheet is still called thermally conductive silicon film.

Silicon film parameters and applications:

Material: UL qualified SILICON, fire rating 94V-0;

Main functions: insulation, heat dissipation, fire prevention, shock absorption, etc.

Common colors: pink, gray, blue, common thickness: 0.23, 0.3, 0.45, 0.6, 0.8mm.

Uses of silicone cloth: Used as heat dissipation and insulation parts in electronic appliances, automobile machinery, etc. It can be used for a long time without corrosion to metal components.

Key points: Compliance with ROHS, standing inventory, series size.

The range and stability of thermal conductivity,

Thermally conductive silicon film has greater selectivity in terms of thermal conductivity, from 0.8w/k.m to 3.0w/k.m or more, with stable performance and reliable long-term use.

The current highest thermal conductivity of thermally conductive double-sided adhesive does not exceed 1.0w/k-m, and the thermal conductivity is not ideal;

Thermally conductive silicone grease is a curing process at room temperature. It is prone to surface dryness at high temperatures, unstable performance, easy to volatilize and flow, and the thermal conductivity will gradually decrease, which is not conducive to long-term reliable system operation.

EMC, insulation performance:

Thermally conductive silicon film has insulation and thermal conductivity properties due to its own material properties, and has good protection against EMC. The silicone material is not easy to be pierced and torn or damaged under pressure, so EMC reliability is better.

Thermally conductive double-sided adhesives have relatively low EMC protection performance due to the limitations of their material characteristics. In many cases, they cannot meet customer requirements and are limited in use. Generally, only the chip itself is insulated or the chip surface is EMC protected. It can be used only when.

Thermal conductive silicone grease has relatively low EMC protection performance due to the material characteristics itself. In many cases, it cannot meet customer needs and is relatively limited in use. Generally, it can only be used when the chip itself is insulated or the surface of the chip is EMC protected.

Applications: power devices (power supply, calculator, telecommunications); automotive electronic modules (engine wipers) power modules, calculator applications (CPU, GPU, USICS, hard drives). Silicone film is mainly used between the transistor and the heat sink.

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