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What performance guarantee functions does the reflective film have?

The reflective film is made of aluminum foil veneer + polyethylene film + fiber braid + metal coating film laminated by hot melt adhesive, which has the functions of heat insulation, waterproof, and moisture resistance. It has excellent thermal insulation performance, can reflect more than 93% of radiant heat, and is widely used in building roof and exterior wall thermal insulation.

In principle, the common car insulation films on the market are divided into heat-absorbing films and reflective films. The heat-absorbing film uses the heat-absorbing glue coated on the surface of the transparent polyester film to absorb infrared rays to achieve the purpose of heat insulation, while the reflective film is to sputter a layer of metal or nano-ceramic materials on the transparent polyester film to reflect infrared rays. To achieve the purpose of heat insulation.

The difference between heat absorption film and reflective film:

The endothermic glue of the endothermic film can absorb heat (infrared rays in the solar spectrum), but the heat absorbed by the endothermic glue can easily reach saturation. When the heat absorbed by the endothermic glue is saturated, the endothermic glue will absorb the heat again. Radiation into the car in the way of far-infrared makes people feel more dry and hot. The reflective film reflects infrared rays to the outside of the car, and there is no problem of secondary radiation, thus fundamentally solving the problem of heat insulation.

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