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Bopu supplies 0.5mm PORON foam, environmentally friendly black foam, shock-proof and compression-resistant foam for household appliances

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • damping
  • seal
  • High cushioning
  • stability
  • Environmental protection

Product Details

PORON brand polyurethane foam material, high density, fine and uniform cell structure, has excellent resistance to compression and deformation. It is widely used in the sealing and shock absorption of parts in communications, computers and household appliances. Pad materials for consumer products such as shoe materials, clothing and sporting goods. Cushion pads for medical equipment.

Property introduction:

1. It is a material with very small compression residual deformation.

2. High tightness.

3. High energy absorption and high cushioning.

4. Will not cause pollution to other materials.

5. High dimensional stability.

6. High processing efficiency.

7. And environmental protection.


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