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Crown 311 double-sided tape CROWN temperature resistant white #311 double-sided tape Industrial double-sided tape

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Crown 311 double-sided tape / #311 double-sided tape / Industrial double-sided tape

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • High viscosity
  • Environmental protection
  • waterproof
  • Compressive
  • durable

Product Details

Requirements for the use of 3M double-sided tape and storage environment requirements:

1. The adhesive surface must be cleaned and dried first. Generally, it is recommended to dip a cloth with a mixture of 1:1 IPA (isopropanol) and water to wipe and clean the surface, and then wait until the surface is completely dry.

2. After the cleaning solvent is dry, stick the tape on the adhesive surface, and apply pressure of about 15 PSI (1.05 kg/cm²) by rolling or other means to make it effective.

3. Tear off the release paper of the tape, and then paste the material to be bonded, and apply 15PSI pressure to make it fit effectively. If you need to remove air bubbles, you should increase the pressure, the upper limit of which the item can withstand.

4. The ideal temperature for pasting is 15-38℃, not lower than 10℃.

5. When adhesive tape is bonded, one end should be attached first, and then slowly pressed to the other end to reduce the probability of air bubbles.

Suitable environment requirements for storage of 3M double-sided tape: temperature is 19-23℃, humidity is 40-60%.

3m product series introduction:

Introduction: Acrylic foam substrate, acrylic adhesive, the substrate density is slightly less than vhb, has most of the advantages of vhb, suitable for indoor applications.

Application: Quasi-structural bonding of metal, plastic, glass, ceramics and other materials. Such as the connection of metal parts, the fixing of plastic parts of electronic products, etc.

Introduction: pu foam base material, acrylic or rubber adhesive, suitable for non-structural fixing of various materials.

Application: Non-structural fixation of various materials. Such as the installation of mirrors, the fixing of plastic hooks, soap boxes, etc. A variety of light and small materials are fixed. Such as indoor nameplates, fixed product models marked. Neoprene foam tape: suitable for non-structural fixing of lightweight materials indoors

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