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Environmentally friendly thermal conductive silicone sheet, single back gray-white heat sink, shock-absorbing and soundproof silicone sheet, can be die-cut

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Thermal conductive silica gel sheet / Silica gel tablets / Heat sink

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • shock absorption
  • seal up
  • heat insulation
  • Sound absorption
  • environment protection

Product Details

It is a kind of heat conduction medium material synthesized by special process with silica gel as the base material, adding metal oxide and other auxiliary materials. Advantages: 

1. The material is soft, the compression performance is good, the thermal insulation performance is good, and the adjustable range of thickness is relatively large;

 2. The contact thermal resistance between the heat source surface and the contact surface of the radiator is reduced; 

3. Because air is a poor conductor of heat, it will be seriously hindered Because of the heat transfer between the contact surfaces, the air can be squeezed out of the contact surface by installing a thermal conductive silicone sheet between the heat source and the radiator; 

4. The thermal conductivity of the thermal conductive silicone film is adjustable, and the thermal conductivity stability is better;

 5. The thermal conductivity silicone sheet has the insulation performance; 

6. The thermal conductive silica gel sheet has the effect of shock absorption and sound absorption; 

7. The thermal conductive silica gel sheet can be installed and tested repeatedly Convenience of use.

It is used for control motherboard of electronic and electrical products, base plates and footmats inside and outside motors, electronic appliances, automobile machinery, computer mainframe, notebook computer, DVD, VCD and any materials that need to be filled and heat dissipation module.

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