0.5mm insulation sheet, PC insulation gasket, flame-retardant and temperature-resistant insulation sheet

Release Date:2021-04-12 16:19

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Flame retardant
  • Temperature resistance
  • black
  • stability
  • Easy to bend

Product Details

PC film, PC sheet series:

Double-sided polishing PC film: It is produced in a clean room with a low-stress process, and is detected, classified, and located on the surface of the film by an online defect scanner. It has high definition, high heat resistance, high dimensional stability and comparison. Good printability of pictures is ideal for LED/LCD windows and back printing applications, such as nameplates of household appliances, toys, helmets, audio-visual equipment, and automobile dashboards. In addition, various textures required by various electroplating treatments and screen printing are used for aesthetic decoration and optical effects.

Printing-grade frosted PC film: It has high temperature resistance, good dimensional stability, and good printability without pre-treatment. It is used as surface decoration, floor drawing, high-performance label and in-mold decoration, etc. Excellent choice for layer printing applications. The film is suitable for screen printing using traditional solvent-based or water-based inks, and UV inks or infrared drying inks. It is easy to thermoforming, embossing, die cutting, ammonia forming and bending processing. The medium sand texture is resistant to surface manipulation and can be used on the surface of light-emitting devices (LEDs). The latest technological improvements have effectively reduced the difference in texture and color by 50%, and improved thickness control.

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