Black pc insulation sheet back Mara rubber 0.25mm flame retardant insulation sheet suitable for electrical appliances

Release Date:2021-04-12 16:34

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Flame retardant
  • Temperature resistance
  • black
  • stability
  • Easy to bend

Product Details

PC insulation sheet classification

1. Longhua PC-835, 835F, 832, 832F, 836 printing series films and sheets can provide a variety of textured surfaces. These textures have wear resistance and can be used in LED equipment.

2. LonghuaPC-870 (870-83)/770F is an opaque black flame-retardant polycarbonate film, which complies with the EU ROHS directive and strict UL safety regulations. It can be widely used for insulation and shielding of power supply, TV/monitor, business machine, etc. Among them, Longhua PC-870 (870-83) products are widely used for printing on panels with flame-retardant requirements because of their good appearance quality. The fire rating is 94V-0.

3. PC insulation sheet (IMD813, 832, 811) Longhua PC-IMD813, 832, 811, 32, 13, 11 is an alloy material film made of polycarbonate/polyester in different proportions. IMD series films have outstanding cold formability, and can be used for MD in-film decoration through high-pressure forming or hydraulic forming. It also has excellent ductility and chemical resistance, making it widely used. PC insulation sheet applications: automotive parts, communications, electronics, membrane switch panels, portable devices, nameplates, buttons, touch panels, etc.

4.Longhua PC-870-83B, is a black flame-retardant polycarbonate film, UL94 fire rating reaches VTM-0, and meets the EU ROHS directive, PC insulation sheet can be widely used in power supplies, TV/monitors, business machines, etc. Fits insulation and shielding. Among them, Longhua PC-870-83B products are widely used in panel printing with flame-retardant requirements because of their good appearance quality.

5. Longhua PC-813, 813F, 815 printing series of sea films and sheets can provide a variety of twisted surfaces, these textures have wear resistance, PC insulating sheets can be used for LED equipment. Longhua PC-813 can also produce products with the thinnest 0.05mm due to its special manufacturing process. The fire rating is 94V-2.

6.Longhua PC-1811T/HC double-sided high-polished film and sheet products are produced in a low-stress process in a 10,000-level clean room, and the defects on the film surface are detected and located by an online defect scanner to effectively control impurity defects . The internal stress and surface tension of the product are low, and the surface energy is uniform. At the same time, the double-sided optoelectronic product-grade antistatic protective film is used to avoid PC defects caused by the protective film to the greatest extent. It is not only ideal for LED/LCD windows and printing applications. The choice is the ideal choice for electroplating and coating processing of green sheets. The fire rating is 94V-2.

7.Longhua PC-811 double-sided polished sea film and sheet products are produced in a clean room with a low-stress process, and the defects on the film surface are detected, classified, and located by an online defect scanner, which is the LED/LCD window and the back Ideal for printing applications, such as nameplates of household appliances, audio-visual equipment, and car dashboards. In addition, with the help of various electric mold processing and screen printing production, the various safety principles are used for aesthetic decoration and optical effects, and the fire rating is 94V-2.

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